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Daily News World [DNW]

Android Wear Personalization Widgets
Developer: Pujie
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Simplify your news reading experience.

- DNW is the best news reader app. it provides all the important, need-to-know news, and supports trusted news sources.
- DNW connects you to the world, and daily updates from across the world from multiple channels: News, Entertainment, Politics, Sports, Cricket, LifeStyle, Business,Fashion and Technology.
- DNW makes your reading experience comprehensive, effortless, and complete. With Responsive Web Design, you can read comfortably with visual cards, and articles in a beautiful easy-to-view layout, all that improves the viewing experience for you.
- DNW learns what you like and personalizes your news experience automatically, the more you use the app, the more personal your news feed becomes.
- You will never lost any hot news around the world. Every hot news will be provided to your device by DNW.
- You can search any news, article, topics by keyword from DNW search section and it will bring to you latest update, top stories across the world.